We believe that places are more than just data-points. That people are more than just profiles. That your world has more than just one dimension.

Place First

Our identity is rooted in where we live, work, & play. FLYY is where people come together through shared experiences, and shared spaces.

Interactive 3D Map

FLYY is an interactive, place-centric social app. Transform the shallow plane of traditional social media into an immersive 3-D world.

Virtual Communities

A social network to help you connect and have fun with the people around you, through the places you love. Your world. Your possibilities.


Discover the features that make Flyy unique.

Building Timelines

In FLYY, every building in your city has a timeline. Interact with building timelines where you comment on your favorite locations and business.

User Journeys

Share your favorite locations with friends using Flyy’s interactive 3D Map. Watch your journey come alive in Flyy.


Participate in challenges specific to your city. Watch your favorite influencers compete in exciting events and games.

Hotspot Notifications

Explore hotspot notifications. Check your vibration and never miss a beat. Stay up to date on trending locations in your city.